How to choose a wine glass


Wine is an unusual drink. A special glass is required for each of the types. Etiquette forbids drinking red wine from glasses under white and vice versa. When buying glasses for the house, it is necessary to take into account this knowledge, so that an incident does not happen at some celebration. Many professional tasters claim that the shape of wine glasses completely affects the taste of the drink. On the website there is a large list of wine glasses that are distinguished by their external beauty and unusual appearance. Such products simply cannot be found on the windows of an ordinary store. Unusual wine glasses will be a wonderful gift for a housewarming, wedding or anniversary.

How to choose wine glasses?

The first thing you should pay attention to during the purchase is the material from which the glass is made. As a rule, glass or crystal is used. So which is better? The difference between them is the amount of lead, which increases the softness of the glass, which means it is easier to process and cut something. Also, lead makes the weight of the products a little more, which is why crystal tableware is so heavy. You should understand that crystal will cost you a pretty penny. It is several times more expensive than ordinary glass, but it will provide an incredible taste sensation from drinking wine. Also, crystal requires careful attitude and regular care. If you are not afraid of these problems, then of course choose crystal, but a good glass can also reveal a drink.

Each type of wine has its own drink

  •  white wine. It is served necessarily chilled in special glasses. There are two main types of glasses for such wine on the market:
  • a glass for full-bodied, aged wine. It has a U-shaped shape. It is narrower;
  • a glass for young wine should have a more open shape, which can direct the drink to the tip of the tongue.

  • red wine. Here you can use large-volume glasses with a more rounded shape. This form allows the rich red to fully open up. Again, there are two types of glasses:
  • a glass for bordeaux. A taller, but smaller cup;
  • a burgundy glass is used for light wines. It is taller, but with a voluminous bowl.
  • rose wine. For a drink, you can use glasses for white wine. It requires a not too large volume and a low bowl.
  • sparkling wine. Elongated glasses for sparkling wine are always used. This allows you to reduce the level of contact with the air, which means that you can leave the drink with bubbles for a long time.
  • dessert and fortified wines. For them, the same glasses are used, the troughs have a smaller volume than the above ones, in order to direct the drink to the back surface of the tongue, depriving the receptors responsible for the perception of sweetness of work.

Now you know a little about wine glasses and will be able to choose the best option on the website yourself, and if not, the store staff will help you with this. To do this, call the contact phone number and ask your questions about the products.